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The body material is high quality polyurethane made in the USA with UV protection.

The faceplate is attached with 3 strong magnets to the base of the head.

Magnets for a wig are hidden inside the head and are invisible.

The eyes are inserted, hand-made to order. You can choose a color. An additional option for choosing ultra-realistic eyes.

The foot is mobile, universal.

Hands and feet are attached with strong magnets, which makes it easy to change the doll.

The doll is sanded, glued and securely tied without hooks.

jumpers are made of stainless steel.

No make-up, no blush

The man has realistic proportions and a sculpture, almost all hinges are inscribed without gaps and crevices for elastic bands.

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Basic set

Blank 900-1000 USD (Depends from skinton)

Assembled, glued doll without painting

Height on straight feet 45 cm.

Skintone 8 options to choose from

Faceplates 4 options to choose from

Material: polyurethane with UV protection.

A pair of eyes 7.5 mm.

Packaging, documents

Production time 1-2 months. The terms may increase due to the loading of the casting service.

Prepayment is fix 50% of the cost. The second part of the payment is paid as soon as the doll is ready for shipment.

Installment payment is available up to 6 months.

Russian post shipping worldwide is charged separately.

The invoice for payment will be sent to your email PayPal after placing the order. Payment term is 3 days.


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